Maine Social Work Masters (MSW) Programs

Are you looking to advance your career in social work? This article is here to give you an insight into MSW studies in Maine.

You will learn MSW studies, available courses, study terms, transfer of course credits, financial support, enrollment essentials, social work licensure, and much more.

MSW Programs in Maine

Want to get the best education in social work?

Then enroll in one of the universities in Maine that offer MSW studies. You will be equipped with advanced knowledge in social work to make a difference the society.

Additionally, your MSW certificate will help you pursue a state work permit.

Maine MSW Study Path

There are essentially two types of MSW studies in Maine.

They are regular continuing studies and advanced continuing studies. Regular-standing studies are structured courses that teach scholars the basics of social work.

These courses are offered in the first year of full-time study. Then the first two years of part-time study.

The advanced standing study is for academics who hold a BSW from a CSWE-approved institution. The study syllabus doesn’t feature foundation courses.

Only specialized courses are offered throughout the study term. Within a year, you can be sure of finishing your MSW via this study route. But if you enroll part-time, you can spend up to two years.

Here is how to qualify as a social worker in Maine.

MSW Syllabus in Maine

The MSW syllabus at most social work schools in Maine follows a developmental approach.

Virtually all their courses focus on research, field practicum, human behavior, etc. However, the courses you will offer in your MSW studies depend on the type of study trail you opt for.

Advanced standing studies consist of 30-46 credit courses spread across two to four semesters. The regular standing track comprises 60-70 credit courses spread over 4-8 semesters.

However, apart from these courses, there are additional electives and field practicum. Every scholar is expected to pick a couple of them to satisfy their course registration demands.

What About Transferring MSW Scholars?

Social work schools in Maine accept transfer fellows who complete a certified MSW course outside the state.  However, the completed course should not exceed five years at the transfer time.

Academics wishing to transfer more than six credited courses must submit a written request to the MSW coordinator. The coordinator will review the request, lesson plan, and transfer credits.

If found eligible, your credentials will be sent to the graduate school for transfer of credits.

Similarly, fellows with non-certified MSW courses must also submit a written note to the study coordinator. The coordinator will transfer up to 6 credits on an elective basis.

However, researchers must have a B in the courses they wish to transfer credits.

Flexible Learning Options

Besides on-campus studies, most schools in Maine offer scholars online and hybrid study formats. This is to make their studies easier. Scholars who opt for online MSW studies will take all their online classes.

Then those in hybrid studies attend a few classes on campus and complete the rest online.

The online and hybrid study format is suitable for employed scholars or living out of state. This is because they can combine their business with schooling.

However, there are associated drawbacks that accompany online MSW studies in Maine. They include limited areas of focus, networking issues, changes in time zones, no student-teacher relationships, etc.

Screening Exercise

Before you can study or work professionally in Maine, you must undergo a background check. More or less of the things you’ll be screened at include the following:

  • Review of academic background, such as your kind of certificate and institution you obtained it.
  • A review of criminal history, such as convictions, outstanding criminal charges relating to crimes, diverging decisions, categories A, B, C, offenses, and other criminal records
  • Examination of address such as social security number and much more

MSW School Fees in Maine

The amount paid as a tuition fee for MSW studies in Maine depends on a few factors. They include the institutions, course of study, number of course credits, and residency status.

Private academic facilities charge more than government-owned institutions. Then scholars who are residents of Maine pay less than scholars out-of-state.

Meanwhile, tuition fees at most academic institutions are around $33,000-$50,000 annually. You can pay more than this amount if you negatively fall under the listed factors.

Besides tuition fees, MSW scholars who opt for on-campus will have other extra expenses to cover. They include the cost of housing, food, transport, health care, and much more.

See the scholar’s manual or admission letter for more details on MSW tuition in Maine.

Who can Enroll in MSW Program in Maine?

Entrance standards for MSW studies in Maine vary among universities. However, most academic institutions offer admission to those who meet the criteria described below.

  • Candidates with excellent academic history or experience can enroll in any MSW studies in Maine.
  • Fellows wishing to enroll in an advanced MSW study must have a BSW from a CSWE-approved institution. Those wishing to enroll in regular-standing studies must also hold an undergrad certificate in other fields.
  • Candidates must hold a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0. if not, they will not be considered an entry into any MSW studies in Maine.
  • You will be asked to provide at least three letters of recommendation from your previous school or workplace.
  • Some institutions may ask you to submit a text that sets your social work goals.

For more details on MSW admission standards in Maine, contact the school where you are interested in advancing your career in social work. All the details you need are there.

If you are after quality education, Maine is the best place to acquire your MSW certification.

You can see their academic facilities offer one of the best advanced social work studies. Once you have met all entry standards, you can submit your application as soon as possible.

There are a lot of benefits you will enjoy studying in this great province.

We wish you the best.